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Baby Bites: Chickpea Falafel & Tzatziki Dipping Sauce

January 9, 2015




New year, new series here on Love+Cupcakes! It’s about time, don’t you think? In the spirit of fresh starts, I’m happy to introduce a new column: Baby Bites– baby friendly recipes that are healthy, delicious and made for little hands to pick up all on their own. First up, Chickpea Falafel with Tzatziki.

***A quick disclaimer about using my baby food recipes: This may go without saying but as author of this blog, I feel a sense of responsibility to my readers regarding the content that you find here. I would like to note that I am a new mom and by no means an expert on child rearing in any way, shape or form. Furthermore, I am not a nutritionist nor a pediatrician so please do your due diligence before feeding your infant anything. It’s important to make sure that she is ready, that your pediatrician has given the green light and that you’re introducing foods that are safe and age appropriate. The recipes that I am sharing here are foods that I have given to my own daughter. Okay, enough serious stuff….go check it out!

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Yes, Please

January 6, 2015


Have you read Amy Poehler’s, Yes, Please? It’s fantastic. I read it in book form first and then listened to the audio version on Audible (You can try it for free!). Amy reads it herself and I HIGHLY recommend it. There’s something so great about hearing her speak her own words. She knows best how to deliver each line and I got so much more out of it the second time around. Plus she has special guests read their own chapters (i.e. her mom and co-stars. I don’t want to give too much away!). I knew how funny Amy Poehler was before reading her book, but I had no idea how insightful she can be. She shares wisdom on her career, motherhood, being a woman, getting divorced and life in general with such sincerity and foresight. She has so many good quotes, I kept having “aha” moments as I listened along. The chapter on her two boys was my favorite. She speaks of them with such warm reverence. You can hear her heart overflowing with love for them. She made me so excited to be a mom. I’m pretty sure I teared up at least once.

There’s so much good stuff going on in this book– clearly I loved it and I think you will too.

(psssst! listen to the audio version, you won’t be sorry!!) –xo

Cool baby shades

January 5, 2015


For being just 9 months, Cielo has quite the sunglasses collection. More than I have even! When you have a new baby, these things can’t be helped I guess. She’s gotten most as gifts. And while they’re all absolutely adorable, many fall off or pinch in strange places and look completely uncomfortable on Cielo’s tiny face.


But recently, we discovered Babiators and they fit like a charm! Plus Cielo seems to like them and wears them without any fuss. I, of course, think they’re crazy cute on and would make Cielo wear them all day long if she let me– who doesn’t love a baby wearing glasses?!


As if cuteness wasn’t reason enough, every pair of Babiators comes with a “Lost or Broken” guarantee! That means they’ll replace your kids pair of glasses if they break or get lost! Say what?! Doesn’t get much better than that.


To see more eyewear styles and colors for your little ones, check out


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Babiators. All opinions, words, and images are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who allow me to continue to create new content for Love+Cupcakes.



January 1, 2015


Hello New Year. I’m excited for you. You are the year that my daughter will walk, say her first word, and turn 1. You are the year that I will go back to work, change my trajectory and set new career goals. You are the year that I will celebrate 5 years of being married to the man the I love madly and unconditionally. You are the year that I have been looking forward to for the last 12 months and I welcome you with a warm embrace. Be good to me please, I have big plans for you.

Happy New Year friends! Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

(picture above taken when Cielo, our most treasured memory of 2014, turned 6 months)

The Longest Shortest Time

October 13, 2014


I just discovered a genius podcast that couldn’t be more relevant to my life right now. Each episode reminds me that I am not alone in this mothering game. It’s called The Longest Shortest Time and it’s really well-produced. Hillary Frank, of This American Life and other public radio programs, is the host. She covers really REAL topics about being new parents and babies– universal issues like sleep and eating as well as tragic topics like stillbirths and near death deliveries. The podcasts are fairly short, running about 15 minutes each and give you a glimpse into the life of other parents and caregivers, and how they’re experiencing life with baby. If you haven’t heard it yet, I recommend it. It’s a nice way to pass the time while I’m playing with Cielo…and it sure beats listening to Raffi for the millionth time!! Check out The Longest Shortest Time here, also available for subscription on iTunes.

(above image from The Longest Shortest Time website)

p.s. just kidding about Raffi, I actually like him (insert monkey covering eyes emoji).

Wolfe Child

August 6, 2014



I’ve always loved fashion and shopping but nothing ever prepared me for the obsession that is baby clothes. There is way too much cuteness out there. I hardly even care what I wear anymore, I have way more fun putting together Cielo’s outfits. My latest hobby involves filling my virtual shopping carts with every article of teeny tiny garments I lay my eyes on and then restraining myself from hitting “purchase” on all of it! Let me tell you friends, it is hard! I’ve been discovering so many baby boutiques online that make unique and darling clothes for little ones…and I want it ALL! I’m especially smitten with Wolfe Child by Illinois-based designer, Claire Wolfe Bookmeier. Each piece is handcrafted to adorable perfection. Head over to the Wolfe Child shop to see more.

We’re Four!

June 20, 2014

Happy anniversary to us! Four years ago today I married my favorite guy on the planet and now we have a little family! It’s amazing how fast time flies by! So cliché but so true. It’s like I blinked and we went from meeting on the first day of college to being parents! This post has become a tradition on the blog, so like I did last year and the year before, I’d like to share my thoughts on our fourth year of marriage. Would you like to hear?

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